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    Chocolate Castle

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Apr 02, 2007

    Chocolate Castle is a puzzle game for Mac & PC. It was released in 2007 by Lexaloffle.

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    Chocolate Castle is a top-down perspective block sliding puzzle game developed and published by Lexaloffle. The purpose of the game is to slide squares of chocolate together to form bars of chocolate in such a way that a team of hungry animals can consume the chocolate, when the chocolate is eaten, the room is cleared.
    Unlike a lot of download only titles, this indie game also features a level editor for players to create and share their own creations for others to enjoy.


    Chocolate Castle features 12 rooms in the demo version, but 120 rooms in the full paid version, with each difficulty setting (easy, medium and hard), containing 40 individual levels. Rooms can be skipped if they prove to be too difficult for the player to complete.
    There are four types of chocolate and four types of animal in the game, with each animal being able to eat the chocolate of corresponding colour. The animals are only able to eat one 'block' of chocolate before the animal is too removed from play, though the block can be made up of a great many squares of chocolate.

    Audio & Visuals

    Chocolate Castle's Audio-Visual style is a throwback to the 8-bit era of gaming, making use of a minimal colour pallet, and chip-tune audio. Many people found this to be a suitable theme for the game, but complained that the music wasn't played throughout gameplay, instead only being heard on the stage clear screen, which featured animated balloons and confetti animating across the game screen.

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