Choose the superior chocolate

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milk chocolate

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WTF? Those are the shittiest choices ever. Should have been 
A. Bounty 
B. DM: Fruit and Nut 
C. Lion Bar 
D. Flake

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Krackel is the best, and therefore is the one that you can never find. It's always that Special Dark crap...

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I have no idea what Special Dark is, but I like Dark Chocolate, so I chose that.

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Which alternative is the one for European chocolate? C'mon. Fazer, Toblerone, Marabou, Belgian sea-shell chocolate, White elephant on a red background-chocolate, Chocolate-Orange, Cadbury choc that tastes good, etc?

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I have no idea what any of those things are except for milk chocolate. 
Galaxy is the best chocolate. Cadbury is alright too.

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CACAO - Handmade chocolate.  The best in the world.  Honestly, this stuff will make you fall in love with chocolate, no matter what your tastes are.
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@SeriouslyNow:  I just bought like 5.
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@zombie2011 said:

" WTF? Those are the shittiest choices ever. Should have been  A. Bounty B. DM: Fruit and Nut C. Lion Bar D. Flake "

Isn't Bounty the quicker picker upper?
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No white chocolate?

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@Wunder_ said:
" @SeriouslyNow:  I just bought like 5. "
:)  When a buddy gave me one I just about died from pleasure.  It was their version of Cherry Ripe and OMFG it was incredible.
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All options stacked at once.
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Milk chocolate.

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 Cadbury's Double Decker is serious business
 Cadbury's Double Decker is serious business

For milky joy, the Montezuma stuff is some of the best, if you like straight up chocolate.

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I will post my dark chocolate choices soon, you have been warned.
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