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    A freeware Pac-Man clone for PC released in 2005.

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    Chomperman was initially a proof-of-concept on making a more traditionally-controlling maze game after complaints on the controls of CC & SH's earlier release, Ping! Chomperman was made by altering the code for Mark Overmars' Pac-Man clone game concept for GameMaker; thus Overmars is given credit.

    Chomperman is simplistic and lacks the character and charm of Pac-Man or even some of its clones. Chomperman himself draws heavy inspiration from not only that game's title character, but also Kirby/Keeby. The enemies are ghosts, as in most Pac-Man clones, and the action takes place in a blue maze. There are no wrap-around tunnels, and the difficulty does not increase with each level completion. The main difference between Chomperman and Pac-Man is that the dots and power pellets have been replaced by pizza and cheeseburgers, respectively.

    Chomperman was eventually released as a freeware game on CC & SH's website to moderate success. Feedback was adapted into a remake of the game the following year, which was released as a commercial product to much more prosperity.


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