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    Chris Remo

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    Chris Remo is a developer and composer. He was previously worked at Gamasutra, Shacknews, Irrational Games, Double Fine Productions, Campo Santo and Valve. Also, he co-founded Idle Thumbs and its podcast.

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    Chris "Boost" Remo started his career writing for sites like Idle Thumbs and Adventuregamers. He then went on to become a professional video game journalist, writing for Shacknews and Gamasutra. In 2010 he joined Irrational Games.

    He co-founded Idle Thumbs in 2004, and later started the Idle Thumbs podcast in October 2008 with Jake Rodkin and Nick Breckon. The show was discontinued in September 2010 due to Remo's hiring by Irrational Games. But in 2012, he returned to San Francisco and announced that the Idle Thumbs podcast would return later in the year.

    On April 24th, 2012, Double Fine announced on its website he would now be their new community manager.

    Occasionally known as Chris "Calculator Games" Remo and Chris "Boost" Remo

    Contributed the soundtrack for the experimental indie game Thirty Flights of Loving by Blendo, released in August 2012. On the 7th October 2012, Chris announced he was writing the music for Steve Gaynor's game "Gone Home". His other music credits include Spacebase DF-9.

    Chris co-wrote Double Fine's game The Cave with Ron Gilbert as revealed on the Giant Bomb's Quick Look of it.

    On Episode 144 of the Idle Thumbs Podcast, Chris announced that he left Double Fine to join Campo Santo, the company started by Jake Rodkin and Sean Vanaman.


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