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Does anyone know what some of the old Game Player's writers are up to nowdays? I always enjoyed Chris Slate, Bill Donohue, Jeff Lundrigan, Mark Salmon and co back in the day. Just wondering.

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@klinkcow: I'm not sure about all of them but after a little digging I've found Chris Slate was editor-in-chief of Nintendo Power, although that's just reached its last issue. Frank O'Conner is current Halo franchise development director at 343 Industries, Bill Donahue and Roger Burchill work or at least worked at PlayStation Magazine, Ricardo Sanchez is a freelance consultant for direct-to-consumer websites and game companies, and Vince Dimiceli is or was an editor for The Brooklyn Paper.

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Wow, this was insanely helpful, thank you!

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sorry to bring something so old back to life, but jeff lundrigan has been out of work for quite some time. he worked for next gen for quite some time and now he is sitting on the couch next to me playing red dead. im dating his niece. sorry for the bad grammar, my phone isnt doing well with this site.

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Chris Slate's Twitter account says he's EiC at Mac|Life, though I'm not sure that's current. This 2011 article mentions him as EiC http://www.maclife.com/article/features/chat_siri but he doesn't show up on the current site's staff page, and Slate's LinkedIn account doesn't list the Mac|Life job, either. It does say he's still working at Future in some capacity, though, so that's cool.

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