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    A Christian holiday widely celebrated in the western world. It is often associated with festive spirit and presents.

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    While Christmas is sometimes celebrated differently by atheists and different denominations of Christianity, the holiday as a whole is dedicated to remembering the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God. Celebration traditionally begins with advent, the period leading up to Christmas Day. Christmas Eve falls on the 24th, Christmas Day itself falls on the 25th, and Boxing Day falls on the 26th. The 25th is when the main celebrations of the holiday happen and also marks the start of the period known as the twelve days of Christmas.
    In more recent times many have celebrated Christmas outside of it's religious context but for both Christian and non-Christian families traditions include exchanging gifts on Christmas Day, feasting, and putting up a coniferous tree in their house decorated with tinsel, baubles, lights, and sometimes other decorations. This tree is traditionally taken down on the twelfth night of Christmas, and colours associated with Christmas include red, green, white, and gold. A common fable told to children is that a jolly man known as Santa Claus visits houses on Christmas Eve to deliver presents to well-behaved children.

    Christmas in Video Games

    With Christmas being a large part of western culture it is a holiday which has appeared in many games. It has been the subject of a number of less notable games, Christmas-themed events have appeared in a number of MMO games, and Double Fine's Costume Quest even has a Christmas-themed expansion pack.

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