Chromehounds gets disconnected.

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#1 Posted by DrFidget (263 posts) -
I never played much of the game online, I always figured I’d  go back to it. Guess I only have until January 6. Anyone else bummed about this?    
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#2 Posted by Mike (17288 posts) -

I can't imagine very many people are still into this game, but I played the hell out of some Chromehounds with a few friends of mine for about six months after it was first released. I'll look back on my time with Chromehounds as some of the most fun I've ever had playing games online, right there next to Mechwarrior 2 and Gears of War.

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I remember this was the closest thing I've ever had to a clan type gaming experience.  It was a few peope and me and we had set up a group in this game and we'd all play on a nightly basis and exchange designs and parts...good times.  Eventually a couple members got in a fight and the group split in two, I had become good friends with both members who fought had no where to really go.  I attempted to create my own group taking some of the old group members with me and recruiting a few new ones.  It never really stuck, people wouldn't show up to play, members would leave and eventually that group fell apart too.  I still have some very fond memories of that game from back when things were going smoothly, but I'm afraid that'll never happen again.

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I didn't pick it up months after release with some friends. But they were new to xbox live at the time and didn't have great connections. I'm thinking about calling them up to give this another shot.

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Yeah! Half of the fun of this game was designing mechs in the garage and then sharing designs and discussing design strategy with my friends. Unfortunately, at that time, it was only one on one private chat so we were really limited in what we could do outside of certain game modes. It was really one friend of mine in particular that I spent most of my time playing this game with. I'd say at least a third of the total number of hours we spent with Chromehounds was in the garage. Maybe more.
What a great game. It wasn't the best looking game out there but the combination of action and strategy was first rate. I remember we played a lot of 2v2 and even 2v3 matches. He was almost always a light commander unit. He would have a small to medium range command module and a couple of cannons and limited armor. My hound eventually involved into a fast-moving, heavily armored biped with two cannons. At one point I had it designed so that the only parts exposed to fire were the mech's legs from the side, and the cannons. Man that was a fun game.
It's a pity that people won't be able to enjoy Chromehounds in the future, because the single player portion of the game was a steaming pile of crap.

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That sucks, I remember playing when it first released, good times.
I'll probably hop on before then just to check the game out one more time.

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