Acid jazz version of Chrono Trigger theme, in case you missed it.

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Here you go. Kick back for a few minutes and enjoy yourself.


What a fine piece of music this is.

Audio quality isn't the best; i'll replace it if you point me to a better version on YouTube.

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The Brink of Time arrangements are wonderful. I highly recommend getting a hold of it in its entire if you can.

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@Bib: If that's your thing then you should check out  the OverClocked Remix channel over at YouTube. 
Basically a bunch of fans who take old game soundtracks and remix the crap out of them. I may be imagining it, but they were allegedly behind the soundtrack for the recent SSFII Turbo HD.
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That was pretty good. 
But then again, it would be pretty hard to make the CT soundtrack sound bad.

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