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#1 Posted by TheWesman (445 posts) -

...Have to buy this on DS.  If Squeenix notices there is enough interest, they just might green light a full-on sequel.  That would be great!  Talk your friends into getting it to!

I know I sound like a giant advertisemabomb, but we need to show these companies we support good quality.

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#2 Posted by ATotalMelvin (74 posts) -

I've already worked on convincing some friends to buy it.

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#3 Posted by Alech (6 posts) -

I would have loved SquareEnix to release Chrono Trigger as a refined, semi-new product in the vein of FF III/IV, as opposed to a port.  That said, the game is pretty amazing, and in my opinion probably in the top five RPG's ever released. 

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#4 Posted by Ghil (241 posts) -

heh, it is on my pre-order list! one of the best RPGs of all time in portable form? woot ;)

and a sequel to this would be fantastic.

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#5 Posted by Jarlaxle (54 posts) -

I honestly hope it does well, but I'm not buying this game again.  I already have it still on my SNES and if I really want to play it again for about the 25th time, then I'll just grab it out of the attic and hook that bad boy back up. 

I really hope this is a sign of more Chrono news in the future from Square-Enix and another sequel soon.  The time is now!

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#6 Posted by uncle_andross (40 posts) -

Definitely getting this at launch, so are a few of my friends. I know Chrono Trigger sold pretty well, and Chrono Cross made it on the greatest hits list, but that was 8 years ago too. Either way, this is going to be a must have game for anyone with a DS.

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#7 Posted by StarFoxA (5261 posts) -

I've been trying to convince all of my friends to get it, but to no avail.

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#8 Posted by Arkthemaniac (6872 posts) -

Anyone who tries to convince someone else to get an overpriced port is a douche.

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#9 Posted by PureRok (4273 posts) -

Not interested. They need to spend some time remaking Final Fantasy VI for the PSP... or any other system similar or greater in power. I've played Chrono Trigger (beaten it) and I don't see what all the hubbub is all about. It was decent, but not amazing.

Also, in my opinion, they already made a sequel. Chrono Cross (which I've also played). Sure, it doesn't say "Chrono Trigger 2", but it did feel similar.

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#10 Posted by StarFoxA (5261 posts) -
Arkthemaniac said:
"Anyone who tries to convince someone else to get an overpriced port is a douche."
I've found it to be fully worth it.

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