Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes Rom Leak

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Remember the Chrono Trigger Rom hack Sequel that Square shut down a few months ago? The game was 98% done and used all the assets from Chrono Trigger to make a full fledged sequel. Well as predicted the game has finally leaked onto the internet. You can find it on any torrent site and it plays on a SNES emulator. I havent linked to a download because the mods might not be to happy about a link to an illegal Rom hack, but Im sure you could find a copy. The game is an Alpha so there is bound to be a few bugs but so far it plays fine.

Link to the original article on
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Cool, I'll be giving this a go..

A full video playthrough of the game can be found here.

The game looks awesome.

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Does it re-use the same music?

*giddy with excitement*

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Bumping this for StarfoxA

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I had heard of this a while ago, and from what I heard it was just the alpha build, and not the 98% finished version. Regardless of that, I'll still have to find it and play it.

"Also, an earlier, alpha version of the game was recently leaked. While this version has a lot of the dialogue and events skeletoned out and rough versions of all the maps, it predates the over 2,000 bug fixes and improvements made during the beta testing cycle. It's also missing a number of more significant features, such as several of the new endings, the dialogue for a lot of the sidequests, and some of the mini-games. There are also a number of known showstopper bugs that freeze the game or make it unplayable past certain points in the early alpha that were carefully caught and fixed in the beta-testing cycle. As you can imagine, we're quite embarrassed that such an early version of the game has been leaked, since it lacks all of the polish and refinement from the months of hard work and hundreds of playthroughs done by the beta testers and developers." - from the Crimson Echoes website

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Cool.  Now StarFoxA can have the nerd-gasm he's been waiting for all these years.  =  P  I'm glad me and Metroid have some sense in our brains.  LOL

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Maybe I'll check it out.

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@jakob187: You can keep living in your world where Chrono Trigger isn't fun, I'll be over here in reality.
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Oh man. The suits at Square-Enix must be pissed. I probably won't play it, at least not until I actually finish the original Chrono Trigger.

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Hm...I'd probably check it out if I knew an easy and safe place to get it.

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Sweet I'll try giving it a download now.

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#12 Posted by Apathylad (3234 posts) - according to the official website, the leaked version is the alpha build that is missing content, not like the beta one that was 98% finished, is this correct?

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