Favorite Triple Tech?

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Just wondering what everyone's favorite triple tech was.

When I have Crono in my party, Twister is my favorite. (Crono, Robo, Ayla). Massive magic damage, and it's non-elemental. Plus, Crono & Ayla are two of the best characters in the game damage wise.

When going without Crono, I prefer Omega Flare. (Magus, Bucca, Robo). Another massive hit-all magical attack, but it's shadow. Still does some of the best damage, and it looks cool. I believe you can find it in in the 60+BC timeline.

Sadly, my favorite line-up of Crono, Ayla, and Marle has a powerful Triple Tech than only hits a single target. That can be useful for many battles, and is probably more strategic, but it's not my favorite trip tech.

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3D Attack

Only because Crono is my DPS and Slurp Kiss abuse is too too too godlike. Full HP for your entire party at the cost of only 2 MP? Yes please!

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