Just Finished Chrono Trigger! (spoilers)

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When Ryan and Patrick started doing the ER, I decided that it was finally time to start playing Chrono Trigger on the DS, and sometimes watch the ER to see how they did things differently. I didn't watch every episode, but usually the boss fights and stuff. Plus, when I got stuck in those damn Future dungeons, I watched to see how Ryan/Patrick solved it :).

What I did differently:

Fought Magus, so didn't get him as a party member but Schala's ring REALLY helped against the first boss of the Black Omen (the guy at the entrance that confuses everyone, didn't have any null-confuse equipment until after I got inside)

Saved Lucca's mother (Ryan+Patrick talked about it on the Bombcast, so I tried it normally, failed, then googled it and realized I NEVER would have done that)

I probably grinded a bit too much, as once Chrono got Luminare, I wanted to have tons of money so I one shotted a respawning pack of mobs that gave lots of exp and money and clocked at 29 hours and at level 60.

As for party members, I always used Marlie out as Haste was too awesome, and she had good duel techs that made up for her subpar damage. I was surprised that Ryan/Patrick shelved her even after noticing her Haste spell. Also used Frog/Lucca (though I didn't use Lucca until fire 3 was obtainable, because before then she was a poor man's Marlie that couldn't heal).

Sadly enough, the first time I engaged Lavos, I didn't have a lightning guy for the bossswich that needs to be Shocked to do more then 50 damage to him, so had to reset.

Game was great. Here are my questions!!

1. Any point to NG+? I just started and noticed that Chrono's still 60 with all items, which is good, but will I mostly be repeating content or is there lots of new stuff somewhere (like the new portals that opened up?).

2. Chrono Cross. Is it as good as Trigger? And if so, would I have to deal with the bad translation/interface?

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@Mcfart: 1. Defeating Lavos before some key story beats (by using the bucket) will get you cool game endings in NG+. I'd say there are like 16 different endings to see. Yep, you do have to repeat the story to get to them. Some of them are really great though, so I think it's worth it.

2. I may be the only one that thinks this, but Chrono Cross is awesome! It has a convoluted story (much more than CT), but the world is really cool, and the music is spectacular. No, the interface is pretty great in CC, and the battle system is as good as it was in the first game. CC has a good translation, at least from what I remember. I'm a huge fan of the game though, so whatever I say must be taken in with a pinch of salt.

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