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#1 Posted by CounterShock (436 posts) -

The PSN version is coming out next tuesday and I was wondering if anyone knew if it is just Final Fantasy Chronicles or if it is a new port optimized for PS3?

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#2 Posted by bbrcher (70 posts) -

I hope but doubt I'll be able to play it on my PS3 at least, even with old graphics.

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#3 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

It's likely the Final Fantasy Chronicles version. I don't know if it'll help the horrendous load times it had on the PS1, though.

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#4 Posted by Addfwyn (2011 posts) -

It's the FFC version, but the load times aren't that bad. Probably because there isn't really any data to load off a disc. There's a little bit between menus and maybe a few seconds at the start of a fight, but it's never notable enough to be a bother to the gameplay experience.

I'd probably say the DS version is the one to go with if it's an option for you, but the PSN version is going to be cheaper and a lot easier to get.

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#5 Posted by datarez (853 posts) -

I bought the PSN version to play along with the ER on my PSP. I'm about 2 hours in so far but it's seems fine to play. It was only $10 off the store. I find the "custom" view is the best as the primary view makes it pretty tiny on the PSP screen. My only gripe would be that my PSP-1000 d pad is really soft so it's not very comfortable to play on. I'm not sure if later PSP's have a different d pad.

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#6 Posted by eldooderino69 (14 posts) -

Can't see any sign of this game on PSN in Europe. Anyone know if/when it will appear here?

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#7 Posted by Axersia (1778 posts) -
@eldooderino69 said:

Can't see any sign of this game on PSN in Europe. Anyone know if/when it will appear here?

Well the PS1 version was never released here soooo... never? The EU store now has a PS1 imports corner though so it might appear on that, but I wouldn't hold your breath. If you really wanna play the game (and don't own a Wii or DS on which you can play superior versions) I suggest you just register a US account and buy a prepaid card on eBay.
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#8 Posted by Aus_azn (2272 posts) -

@datarez said:

I'm not sure if later PSP's have a different d pad.

They do. I was disappointed, because I actually like the 1000's d-pad.

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#9 Posted by eldooderino69 (14 posts) -

Balls. May have to dust off my slightly broken but still functioning Wii ......

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#10 Posted by Hector (3547 posts) -

Should I play the PSN version or buy it on the WiiShop?

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#11 Posted by Dolphin_Butter (1985 posts) -

@Hector: Wii Shop. Load times plague the PSN version. If you can though, get the DS version.

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#12 Posted by MackSterling (58 posts) -

Either play the snes/wii version or the ds version. The ds version has the ps1 anime scenes and unlockables plus a couple of sidequests that lead up to the sequel a bit. Note that while the ds version's translation is more accurate to the original japanese script, it's almost too accurate. Dull, like it was run through a machine. The snes one is 16 bit era translation at it's finest, take that how you will.

Either way, I would recommend avoiding the psn/ps1 version unless you have absolutely no other choice. The load times are really REALLY bad (have fun waiting five seconds or so for a menu or each fight to load) and they add up quickly. No, wait, I remember that the first form of the final boss on the psn version will lag to the point of near unplayability.

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#13 Posted by Box3ru13 (740 posts) -

Yeah, playing on the PS3 because I have no other choice, the load times are a big bummer. I'm four hours in already and its gotten tolerable but it is in no way ideal. Still $10 bucks is nothing and better than buying a system for just one game.

Also there will be Chrono Cross waiting for me after I finish trigger.

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#14 Posted by huntad (2348 posts) -

So, how bad is this? It seems that no one really has the same opinion over how bad the load times are. Some say it's unplayable, and some say that it's bearable. So, aren't there just pauses between entering battle, exiting battle, and going into the menus? I mean besides loading into new areas. Aren't they only about 3-5 second long pauses too?

That doesn't seem too bad. I mean, it's not the best way to play it, but wouldn't it be fine for someone who's never played Chrono Trigger before (like me)?

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#15 Posted by Amethus (72 posts) -

@huntad: My first experience with CT was the PS1 version so no, you should be fine. I will say though that around the end of the game, I really developed a habit of entering the menu only when I had to because of those load times. It can get pretty annoying if you're not patient.

The DS and Wii versions are leagues faster but if you can't get those then the PS1 version should do.

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#16 Posted by kingzetta (4497 posts) -

The PSN one is Final Fantasy Chronicles one and it's just a straight rom dump like all other PS1 games.
nothing has been done to it at all

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#17 Edited by Renachan (145 posts) -

I have CCT (started replaying along myself with that) and the load times are not that bad. Don't let it scare you off. 
I've heard that the DS version has a new ending, but haven't played it myself so can say nothing on the translation. But hmm I'll have to check as I've certainly thought about getting that version. (Getting DS version of FFIV was good, even if I am going to end up.,... triple dipping .-. in the name of wanting PSP so I can play After Years. Shh I know it's only so good, still want it.)

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