What makes Chrono Trigger so good?

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A recent IGN review of the virtual console version gave it a 10/10. In the comments section, people were praising it extremely highly, saying that it deserves higher than 10/10 and that it's the best RPG ever. What makes this game so special and should I bother playing it, regardless of the format and platform it's on?

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The music is really good, and the graphics are pretty nice. 

You don't really need to bother playing it. Mechanically and story-wise it's just an average JRPG.

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If you don't like JRPGs it probably won't change your mind, but it is a very, very good JRPG. The story is good with several interesting characters (no emo teens here, though Magus is borderline) graphics are among the best on the SNES, music is great... It deserves its reputation.

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If you go back inside your brain about a decade and a half you will see what would have made that game a 10/10 at the time. To this day, when people ask me what my favorite game of all time is, I say, "Chrono Trigger," Almost with a "duh" tone on the end of it. Just recently I went back and started playing it again. There is some corny, corny, corny dialogue in it that makes me cringe as a grown man, but other than that... It's still great! In almost every section of the game you are doing something unique and clever. Most RPGs today can still learn a thing or two from the Chrono Trigger campaign. In the first couple hours of the game you can: open curtains (remember several years ago, that was AWESOME!), visit a fair with plenty of activities, go back in time, play an organ, be put on trial (could go either way, depending on how you behaved at the fair), and either be rescued or escape from prison! Then the game continues to move along in a similar fashion as you travel through time to solve the case! The characters may not be well written, by todays standards, but they do maintain their archetypes very well. There is so much heart in a scene that involves a campfire, just from the aesthetic tone, that I could lose myself for several minutes just staring at the imagery. I hope you BUY it and enjoy it as much as I did, and still do. It is a game that many have fond memories of, and will probably never be duplicated. A for effort Chrono Cross.
Of course! How could I forget the music?! Probably because mainly when I play it is at night laying next to my lady in bed. But not three days ago, I said, "Babe, listen to that music! That was on SNES!" She agreed it was quite something amazing.

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Well, besides all of the excellent points made above... 
The music is so beautiful 
The story varied in some pretty bold ways at the time (the trial, the endings) 
The combat was just so simple and fun. 
Just walking around was fun and interesting. (See: the conveyor belt factory) 
It had insane amounts of secrets and replayability. 
Time travel is awesome, and they showed how well that diverging story technique works in an RPG.

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Time Travel

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I think the DS version will give you the best bang for your buck. It has almost all of the PS1 cut-scenes (minus the prison break one), new dungeon, and new ending I think... making it like 14 endings.

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id defiantly go for it if your really into jrpgs and the history of  jrpgs really should pick it up great soundtrack great graphics and story good game-play

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