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    Chubby Cherub

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Dec 16, 1985

    A chubby Cupid need to save his friends, while being attacked by beagles, bulldogs and cats.

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    Chubby Cherub, a sort of Cupid-like character, must save his friends while avoiding enemies such as beagles, bulldogs and angry cats. The player has a power gauge that constantly drops throughout the level and faster when Chubby Cherub is flying. It can be restored by eating food items found in the stage. It's twelve levels long, and at the end of each level the player will find one of Cherub's friends.

    The game was an early example of Japanese NES games going through a major graphical redesign during their localization to drop a licensed property that would have zero impact outside of Japan. In this case, Chubby Cherub is known as Obake no Q-taro WanWan Panic ("Q-taro the Ghost: BowWow Panic") and based on the Obake no Q-taro manga license.


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