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    Chuck Rock

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released December 1991

    Caveman Chuck Rock must save his wife from dinosaurs by beating down enemies with his stomach and by hurling rocks in this side-scrolling action game.

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    Chuck Rock is a prehistoric-themed platformer starring the eponymous caveman Chuck on a quest to rescue his wife from a jealous rival. Chuck's main form of attack is a stomach bump with a limited range, but he is also able to take advantage of rocks littering the stages to attack enemies from afar. He can also use these rocks to create platforms to higher areas he cannot reach by jumping normally. While most dinosaurs are hostile some, like the wading brachiosaurs and certain pteranodons, will assist Chuck by taking him to new areas of the stage.

    UK developers Core Design originally created Chuck Rock for the Atari ST and Amiga computer platforms, and it was subsequently published on many home consoles of the era by Sony Imagesoft and Virgin Interactive in Europe and the US. It is perhaps best remembered for its rock n' roll theme tune. It was followed up with a direct sequel starring Chuck's son Chuck Jr., called Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck, and BC Racers, a spin-off cart racer game.


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