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    Chuckie Egg

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released 1983

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    Play as Hen House Harry and collect twelve eggs to finish a level. The player have to watch out for the ducklings and mother duck, one touch and your dead.

    This is a platforming game where the player climb a system of ladders and platforms of different hights to, on a set time, collect 12 eggs scattered around the platforms. If the platforms are close enough the player can jump from one platform to another. Some levels also feature elevator platforms. As Hen House Harry is moving around the platforms collecting the balls he has to avoid the hens guarding the eggs.

    The game also have an extra-life system where you get an extra life every 10 000 points you collect. The player start with 5 lifes and when you run out of life it is game over and then have to start from the beginning. There is no save system in place.

    The game is 40 levels long with increasing difficulty where both the difficulty of the platforming and the speed of the pursuers is increased.


    This very early platforming game became a big success and was ported to many platforms and even got a sequel, called Chuckie Egg II. As it was early in the home computer revoluton there was a plethora of platforms out there and in fact the game got over 13 different ports.


    The designer of this game is Nigel Alderton who at the time was 17 hears old, and the year after the Chuckie Egg release worked on Ghosts 'n Goblins and Commando.


    The game has a multi-player for between 2-4 players that is turn based.

    Actual Relevance After Release

    In the games Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentleman, Please!, Dan is frequently touted by Ben and himself that he is the king of hitting light switches and playing Chuckie Egg. Specifically in Time Gentleman, Please!, there is a section in which the dinosaur game developers are working on the left side of a room and a Chuckie Egg arcade machine sits on the very right. It factors in to a puzzle that involves distracting supposedly the highest scoring Chuckie Egg player which is a nerdy looking dinosaur game developer.


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