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    Chupon, or "Mr. Chupon" as he's referred to in Final Fantasy VI by his running mate Ultros, is a pink, dual-headed boss character whose signature attack is to sneeze party members off the screen.

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    First appearing in North America as "Mr. Chupon" in Final Fantasy III for the Super NES (proper name Final Fantasy VI), Chupon--or more appropriately, as Typhon or Typhoon originally--is a pinkish-orangey colored monster with a second face and mouth in place of his rear end.

    Chupon tags along with the octopus Ultros as your party attempts to fly to the Floating Continent in Setzer's airship, the Blackjack. During the battle between the party and the duo, Chupon literally sneezes all party members off the ship. Chupon uses this attack again (referred to as "Snort") when he appears in the Coliseum, where he fights when no other monsters will fight. (Beating him here yields a single elixir as your prize.)

    Chupon really doesn't say much of anything during the game except to exclaim, "Fungaaaaaaaaah!" Ultros makes it a point to call out his friend's otherwise quiet nature before the battle commences. Chupon seems to especially dislike being attacked with Ice spells.

    Chupon rears his head (heads his rear?) again in Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls for the Gameboy Advance and Final Fantasy as it appeared on the Playstation Portable for the series' 20th Anniversary. In Dawn of Souls, his name in the in-battle enemy list shows up as Typhon. Coincidentally, Chupon's character is yet another one of Final Fantasy's trademark references to other existing real-world mythology, as "Typhon" is referred to in Greek Mythology as the " Father of all monsters". The constant allergies or colds and affinity for mollusks, however, are likely Square's own doing.


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