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    Cid Highwind

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    Cid is a tough-talking, warm-hearted old pilot who hasn't forgotten his dreams. There's no better pilot by air or sea. He believes someday he'll fly to the ends of the universe. With his handmade spear and knowledge of machinery, he throws himself into any attack regardless of the danger

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    Cid Highwind is a 32 year old airship pilot from Rocket Town. Ever since childhood, Cid had dreams of being the first man in space. To realize this dream, he teamed up with Shinra and built a rocket capable of taking him there.

    However, on the day of launch, one of his engineers named Shera defied his orders to run a last minute test on the oxygen tanks. Cid had to abort the launch in order to save her life, causing major damages to the rocket. After this incident, he waited to see if Shinra would ever reconsider refunding the rocket program. After hearing word that Shinra's president Rufus was coming to visit, Cid thought that the corporation might have finally decided to refund the project. However, to Cid's disappointment, Rufus was only there to ask to borrow one of Cid's planes called the Tiny Bronco. Cloud and company end up stealing the Tiny Bronco before Rufus can borrow it. At the last second, Cid jumps on the plane to try and stop Cloud and the gang from making off with the plane. The plane is shot down by Shinra soldiers and is forced to make a crash landing in the ocean.

    Cid, being fed up with the Shinra Corporation, decides to join AVALANCHE to fight back against Shinra. Cid later takes the Highwind airship back from Shinra, who confiscated it shortly after the cancelation of the space project. Cid does eventually realize his dream of being the first man in space when AVALANCHE launches the rocket into space in and attempt to destroy the meteor. It is at this time that the same oxygen tank that Shera was checking on the previous launch explodes and temporarily traps Cid beneath it. Shera, who has stowed away on the flight, saves him and Cid finally realizes that she had quite possibly saved his life by performing the check on the tank in the past.

    Limit Breaks

    Level 1:

    Boost Jump - Automatically activated. Cid just jumps into the air and slashes downwards with his spear.

    Dynamite - Activated after using Boost Jump 9 times. Cid uses his cig to light a stick of dynamite which he hurls into the enemies hitting all of them.

    Level 2:

    Hyper Jump - Activated after decimating 80 enemies with Cid. This is like Boost Jump, except when Cid lands, an explosion occurs for some strange reason and it hits all enemies.

    Dragon - Activated after using Hyper Jump 8 times. Cid sends a dragon at the enemy absorbing some of their Hit Points and Magic Points.

    Level 3:

    Dragon Dive - Activated after defeating another 80 enemies with Cid. In this limit, Cid does 6 super powered Boost Jumps.

    Big Brawl - Activated after using Dragon Dive 7 times. Cid slashes random enemies with his spear for 8 times.

    Level 4:

    Highwind - Found in the crashed Gelnika plane underwater in the lab room to the far left of the plane. Cid summons a gun-ship to drop a total of 18 bombs on all enemies.


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