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    Cid, as he appears in FFX, is the leader of the Al Bhed, Yuna's uncle, and father of Brother and Rikku.

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    Cid became estranged from his sister (Yuna's mother), when she married Braska. The death of his sister at the hands of Sin, is part of the reason Cid is so determined to help the party annihilate it once and for all. He has admitted to Wakka that he has been hateful of Yevonites, the same way Wakka felt about the Al Bhed.

    When the party escapes the Guado assault on the Al Bhed's home, Cid argues with Auron over letting Yuna continue her pilgrimage. Auron want's her to continue, while Cid is willing to force her to stop. He is instrumental in helping Yuna's guardians rescue Yuna from Yevon, as his airship (Fahrenheit) transports them to a guarded wedding between Yuna and Seymour.

    When Yuna finally meets her uncle, Cid is so emotional that he can't bring out any words. His airship helps in blasting off Sin's two fins and weakening it.

    Cid is voiced by Koichi Sakaguchi in the Japanese versions of Final Fantasy X and X-2 and Michael Mcshane in the English ones. His English voice is very reminiscent of Yosemite Sam.

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