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    When l'Cie fail to complete their given focus, they become monsters known as Cie'th.

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    Cie'th are monsters found in the worlds of Cocoon and Pulse in Final Fantasy XIII.  They are what remains of l'Cie that have failed to carry out the focus given to them by the fal'Cie.  The amount of time that a l'Cie has remaining to complete their focus is depicted through how advanced their l'Cie brand has become, though the speed at which the brand advances varies between individuals.  Once a l'Cie becomes a Cie'th, there is no going back.
    The fal'Cie also have the option of turning humans into l'Cie without specifying a focus.  Doing so immediately transforms the afflicted into a Cie'th, as they cannot possibly complete a focus that they are never given and are thus doomed to failure.

    Cieth Stones

    When a Cie'th has lived long enough, their bodies will eventually give out on their own, and they petrify, becoming objects known as Cie'th Stones.  These stones retain remnants of the former l'Cie's human will.  Those that encounter one may learn what the unfortunate individual's focus was.  In Final Fantasy XIII, the player's party has the option to pursue Cie'th Stone-related side quests and complete the intended missions of the fallen l'Cie.

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