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    Cinnamon is female reploid in Megaman X Command Mission.

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    Cinnamon is seen as a sweet, caring reploid that also has one of the most powerful devices to reploid kind inside of her, The Force Metal Generator. The FME is something that can be created by Cinnamon to greatly enhance a reploid's abilities. Like raising attack, defense, life, and even better protection from ailments. 
     The top of her head resembles a nurses hat.

    In Battle

    Cinnamon is not a heavy hitter in battle by any means. She is a healing character and pretty much made only for that purpose. To accompany her normal healing moves her special move is similar to Lulu's overdrive "Fury" in the face that you have to rotate the right analog stick (PS2) or C Stick (GC) extremely fast to increase the power of her healing. 
    Her Hyper Mode simply replaces her blue and white angelic attire for a black and white goth look. Her healing moves and specials are also boosted.

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