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    Circuit de Monaco

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    The Circuit de Monaco is a race through the streets of Monte Carlo.It is the host of the Monaco Grand Prix.

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    One of the most famous race tracks in the world, Monte Carlo is a city street circuit based in the principality of Monaco (on the coast of south east France). Brought to fame by its glamorous location, its a fans favourite for Formula 1 and other motorsports such as the World Rally Championship.

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    With landmarks around the circuit such as the Casino Royale, Ras Cass hairpin bend shown in the photograph which is only rivaled by the "corkscrew" corner of Laguna Secca circuit in USA, its a course that takes your breath away. Having anarrow street circuit also makes the drivers more focused otherwise you are likely to end up in the wall.

    This track features in many racing games such as the Formula One series for Playstation consoles, Grand Prix series for PC, etc, this is a real test for any motor racing gamers!


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