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    Cissnei the youngest member of the Turks to appear in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.

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    Cissnei as she appears in Crisis Core with her signature weapon.
    Cissnei as she appears in Crisis Core with her signature weapon.

    Cissnei is a character that appears in two entries in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. She first appears as a playable character in Episode 18 of Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, in which her default name is Shuriken, and can be freely named by the player. Like the other playable Turks in Before Crisis, her default name is taken from her weapon; a large shuriken. She later appears as an NPC with the name Cissnei in the game Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. However, Cissnei is not her real name, which to date is unknown.

    As a young girl living in an orphange, she was found and taken in by the Turks. Raised and trained by the organization from a young age, they helped her get over her paranoia toward others, allowing her to rebuild her sense of trust. She officially joined the Turks as their youngest recorded member.

    During the events of Crisis Core, Cissnei befriends Shinra SOLDIER Zack Fair and crosses paths with him at various points. They also work together in an unsuccessful attempt to capture Dr. Hollander. However, Cissnei is not present when Zack is eventually captured in Nibelheim and subjected to Professor Hojo's Mako experiments. During this period of time, she works with the other Turks in their fight against AVALANCHE.

    When the Turks are eventually ordered to assist in hunting down two test subjects that escaped Nibelheim, Cissnei reluctantly joins in the search, only to discover upon finding them that the fugitives are Zack and a severely ill Cloud Strife. Rather than take them in, Cissnei instead reports that the pair have fled the area, and gives Zack the keys to a motorcycle to use in their escape.

    Cissnei last meets Zack in Gongaga, where she informs him that Angeal has been found. She also indicates to him that she had met Zack's parents, and expresses that they're worried for him. Zack asks her to look after his parents as he prepares to depart, and when he refers to her as Cissnei, she informs him that Cissnei isn't her real name.

    Cissnei joins the Turks in one last mission to locate Zack and Cloud. She hopes to rescue him so that she can tell him her true name, but the opportunity escapes her, as Zack is killed by Shinra military forces before the Turks can find him. Cissnei's fate following this event is unknown, as she does not appear in any Final Fantasy VII related games or media set after the events of Crisis Core.


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