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    City of Ehn'gha

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    Deep Beneath Rhode Island lies the ancient ruins of Ehn'gha, a once thriving city now overtaken by the horrendous spawn of the ancients.

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    The city of Ehn'gha is a fictional lost city buried deep under the present-day U.S. state of Rhode Island in the game Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. Long ago, it was a thriving, prosperous city, but was eventually consumed and corrupted by the ancients and is now home to all kinds of abominations. There is a secret passage in the Roivas family estate that leads down into the city. However, the vile agents of the ancients also use the passage to climb to the surface and on more than one occasion invade the estate to attack its residents and staff.

    Three members of the Roivas family are known to have entered Ehn'gha. The first, Maximilian Roivas, a colonial-era doctor, only dared to venture a short ways in and turned back after fighting off a monstrous creature. Though he was determined to return with reinforcements, his tales of the supernatural led him to be declared insane and he spent the rest of his days in an asylum.

    In the mid-twentieth century, Maximilian's descendent, Edward Roivas, found the entrance after fighting off a vampiric monster that had invaded the mansion. He explores deep into the city and manages to activate a device that deals a crippling blow to the efforts of the ancients before returning to the surface. Edward subsequently spends the rest of his days preparing for the final battle, only to be killed by a monster while his guard is down in his study.

    Finally, in 2000 A.D., Edward's granddaughter Alex enters Ehn'gha after reading through the history recorded in the Tome of Eternal Darkness. With the help of her dead grandfather and all the rest that had fallen to the power of the ancients, she manages to kill Pious Augustus and stop the ancients from destroying humanity.


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