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So I was a big fan of CoH when it first came out. I played regularly for about 2 years, and would go back and try it once a year or so since I stopped. With the news that they're shutting down, I was hoping to get in and play a bit more while I still could. Problem is, I can't get it installed. You can't get the download client from the site anymore, all the links to it redirect you to the "We're closing down" post. I still have the CD's from when I bought the game originally, so I installed it from that, but when I open it, I get an error that says "Error from Patchserver: SvrErrProtocolMismatch". After looking into it, it looks like they changed the download client to a new version, so I guess this old one won't work anymore.

To make things worse, I then tried to log into the NCsoft web site, thinking maybe I can get it from there. Now they're saying they have no record of my email address. I'd really like to get in and play one last time while I can. Anybody else going through this?

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No I re-downloaded it this week and it worked fine.

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If you still have the installer for the downloader, is there any chance I can get you to share it somewhere and send the link my way? Or maybe if you can check out the CoH site. It's possible I'm missing it, but I just can't see it.

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I'm pretty sure CoH shut down

Edit: sorry, heard wrong. That was just an announcement of them shutting down. I'll have to get back into it myself before it ends

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