Is this game worth it?

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So City of Heroes: Architect Edition is on sale for a little under 6 more hours and after jumping back into to try the free trial again after all these years I soon came to realize GOD FUCKING DAMN IT THE CHARACTER CREATOR IS SO GOOD. 
So, my dilemma is thus: I kind of want to try this game out, though I'm wondering if it is even worth the effort as most of the player base may have migrated by now. Some of the concepts the game is toting really interests me. Particularly the Super Groups and bases.Apparently there is a new expansion for it coming out this year, so that may generate some buzz, but I'm still not entirely convinced this is worth getting into. For the record, I really don't like WoW. I tried it, I get why it's popular. I'm just not really into, it. I like my MMOs to be a bit more varied and kind of stupid sometimes. Kind of like City of Heroes. So let that be a bar of comparison.
Also the character creator is crack to a gamer like me that will sit on the creation screen for an hour making everything just right.

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I would recommend Champions Online over City of Heroes, their char creator might just be even better imo.
City of heroes felt too old for me in the long run, Champions gave me more bang for my buck.
Altho if it's on sale and you can spare the cash, give CoH a spin for a month (you get a free month right? Or did they change that with mmo purchases?).

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@TaliciaDragonsong: No it comes with a free month.
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Go for it then. (If it's still up that is).

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Yeah, City of Heroes is worth experiencing, I'd say. Some of the task forces are worth leveling up to play through, and if you can find some power sets you like (I was always a fan of Super Strength), the combat should be relatively entertaining, especially in groups. I stopped playing CoH after about four years because I felt I had done just about everything I wanted to do in the game, and after unlocking the epic villain archetypes and leveling up a near-unstoppable beast of a character, I couldn't imagine anything in the game surpassing that experience. Still, compared to its early days, CoH is a pretty well-balanced and fun game, even if it's a bit outdated by modern standards. Whether you'll find people on the servers willing to play more than just the user-made Architect Entertainment missions, I can't say. Hopefully the developers have made enough new content to get people past that.
I can't recommend Champions for more than a quick lark, personally. There are a few more character creation options in the body types, but the last time I checked all the clothing options were a bit lacking unless you were solely into spandex designs. While the combat in Champions is quite satisfying, especially when pounding apart huge groups of enemies (at least if you use an Xbox 360 controller with your PC), the actual balance of the game and the leveling felt off and unrefined, much like CoH's early days. Champions Online presents some missions and open events really well by comparison, though, and the city feels decently alive even by CoH's standards, but it's nothing I'd want to stick around for more than a month playing.

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I think they are going to release another content pack for City of Heroes/ Villains. 
It has been a long time since i have played Villains.

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i loved CoH so much, my Blaster had an awesome backstory that i wanted to use for Architect, but i lost interest (again) and stop playing, but goddamn the creator was awesome. 
I haven't had a chance to try Champions, but if it's anything like CoH, i'd prob like it 

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