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A Post-Mortem Look At The Flagship Superhero MMO 0

For full disclosure, I was a long time player of City of Heroes, dating back to the original game's preorder beta. I didn't stay subscribed to the game for it's entire lifespan, for a number of reasons, but I experienced just about every aspect of the game over the years. As of December, 2012, the game is no longer active. This review is not for the title in it's "current state", since it's basically nonexistent but rather, a review of the experience I had with City of Heroes over it's eigh...

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The light MMORPG 1

City of Heroes, despite being over three years old, continues to evolve and thrive, adding new zones, missions, and powers every few months in free updates. The large and stable subscription base of devoted players also defies CoH's age. Fans of MMORPGs in general may not find as much enjoyment in Paragon City given newer MMO options, but anyone who's ever dreamed of becoming a super-powered hero and beating the heck out of bad guys should still consider giving City of Heroes a trial run.CoH's i...

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City of Heroes Video Review 0

This is an in-depth game review for the MMORPG City of Heroes. Here I dissect the pros and cons of the gameplay. All footage was recorded using the Mac Edition of CoH.               If you've never played the game before, you'll be presented with a list of servers to play on and be able to create a new character on that server. The first thing you'll notice about character creation is that you have a huge amount of freedom to customize the look of your character. With very exceptions, you shou...

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City of Heroes ... the road less travelled? 0

What CoH does differently?:When it launched, City of Heroes (commonly called CoH) bucked a lot of long standing MMO trends. In general, these differences coalesced together to form a unique experience, which remains popular to a solid following of players today. While it doesn't boast the popularity of runaway successful MMOs such as World of Warcraft, by deciding to be different, CoH has been a pleasant deviation down a pathway into "what if ..." territory for MMO fans.Unique Character Customiz...

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The mmo with a super flavour! 0

City of heroes is a solid game with a good visual style and a unique approach to online gaming. Aside from guild wars (its main allure being its lack of a monthly subscription) it is arguably the most welcoming game for players looking to get into online gaming. Having said that, it is arguably the cruelest introduction you could receive. The opening and highly in-depth character customisation is certainly the most varied on the market and a good means to express your online identity however y...

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