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    Clair Andrews

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    Young sports phenom who is currently studying archatecture at the university under reigning Ehrgeiz champion Koji Masuda. She also is studying under a master of Jeet Kune Do in Chinatown.

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    Clair is a phenomenal young girl who conquered the sport of golf at the age of 12, became the best tennis player at the age of 15, and entered college at the age of 16. Skillful at everything she attempts, Clair masters most everything she ventures but tires of them quickly. Constantly seeking out new challenges to conquer, she is currently studying under a master of Jeet Kune Do in Chinatown.

    The daughter of the distinguished Andrews family, Clair is a very free-spirited girl but also naive to the world around her. At the university, she studied under Koji Masuda, a man for whom she has much admiration. When Clair discovers that Koji plans to embark on a journey to solve the mystery surrounding the ancient ruins, she forcefully invites herself on the journey.


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