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    The Gym Leader of Blackthorn City in Pokémon Gold/Silver. She uses Dragon type Pokémon and is the cousin of the Elite Four member Lance.

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    Battle Data

    Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal

    After Clair is defeated she will refuse to give you the Rising badge and make you go into the Dragon's Den to retrieve the item called the Dragon Fang. In Gold and Silver after obtaining it, she will accept her loss and give you the Rising Badge and the TM 24 Dragonbreath. However, in Pokemon Crystal, you will have to enter the Shrine and meet with the Elder, who will tell Clair to give you the badge. This was repeated for Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver.

    Pokemon Stadium 2

    Round 1

    Round 2

    • Kingdra - Lv. 50
    • Charizard - Lv. 50
    • Nidoking - Lv. 50
    • Rhydon - Lv. 50
    • Gyarados - Lv. 50
    • Ampharos - Lv. 50

    Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver

    • Gyarados - Lv. 38
    • Dragonair - Lv. 38
    • Dragonair - Lv. 38
    • Kingdra - Lv. 41

    After you have defeated the Eight Kanto Gym Leaders, Clair will challenge you and your rival at the Dragon's Den with her cousin Lance in a Double Battle.

    • Dragonair - Lv. 52
    • Kingdra - Lv. 54
    • Dragonite - Lv. 60

    In HeartGold/SoulSilver you are given the chance to fight all the Gym Leaders again. Their Pokemon will be stronger and each one will have six on their team. All you have to do is obtain their Poke Gear Number on a certain day and you will be able to battle them on certain days. Clair is found on everyday at the Dragons Den at 6:00 to 10:00. Once you obtain her number you can battle her every Friday Night. Below is her new roster.

    • Dragonair - Lv. 52
    • Gyarados - Lv. 56
    • Aerodactyl - Lv. 52
    • Charizard - Lv. 52
    • Kingdra - Lv. 56
    • Dragonite - Lv. 60

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