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    Clark Steel

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    Originally named "Vince" in the first Ikari Warriors game, Clark is a mercenary. He teams up with Ralf Jones in the Ikari Warriors games, the King of Fighters games, and the latest two Metal Slug games.

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    Full Name: Clark Steel/Still
    Age: 34
    Birthplace: USA
    Position: Ikari Warriors mercenary squad, Major

    Clark Steel first appears as the P2 character in the Ikari Warriors arcade games (named "Vince" in the English versions).

    He, along with ally Ralf and commanding officer Heidern, would appear as playable fighters in The King of Fighters '94 as the Brazil Team. The Ikari Warriors team would continue to appear throughout the franchise, and although the team structure would change slightly (with Leona Heidern and/or Whip sometimes joining the team) Ralf and Clark would remain as mainstays. While initially Clark's moves were nearly identical to Ralf's, Clark's moveset would eventually focus on grappling techniques.

    Clark also appears in Metal Slug 6 and Metal Slug 7. In this game, he can use his Super Argentine Backbreaker to toss enemies into the air; this racks up a large amount of points and gives Clark a couple of seconds of invincibility. He also has three lives per continue, instead of the standard two.

    Clark appears in all three SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters games. In the first two, he is a standard 400/3 character with no ability. In Card Fighters DS, he appears (in his Ikari Warriors attire) as a 500/400 character who, after exposing the player's hand, gains 200BP for every character below 300BP.


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