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    Clash Circuit

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    Clash Circuit is a multiplayer kart game inspired by games such as Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing, with it's own whole new lore.

    Features a main space station that serves as a hub for finding new matches, managing karts and exploration.

    The game is set to be released on Android and iOS with a PC version to follow soon after, and cross play between those versions.


    Set in a vibrant universe of diverse races. Players can choose from HareBritneys, fish-turned-racers with unique arm-evolution abilities, to Normands, bureaucratic aliens clad in office attire. The game features a thrilling story of how a war between these races leads to a kart championship. Each race boasts special abilities, from the Rabbit Ogres' thunder and flame masks to the Gilbros' political prowess. As players compete, they navigate creative tracks and utilize power-ups and unique items to gain an edge. The game offers an exciting journey through imaginative worlds, fostering alliances and rivalries while aiming for kart racing glory.


    Players are able to use common features such as drifting and jumping to gain speed boosts throughout the tracks. Also the use of items may help or disturb the race for adversaries.

    The drifting mechanic is performed differently depending on the platform, on mobile phones it may be triggered either by a swipe of the turn button or if a controller is connected, by pressing a turn button twice rapidly. It not only helps by adding a speed boost by the end of the action, but also by turning more sharply the kart around.

    Game modes

    Featuring classic racing modes, the game may be played offline or online. All the matches are subject to online play, unless the player specifically chooses to set the game in offline mode. Online matches support a maximum of 10 players.

    AI characters to compete against, will be spawned accordingly to play mode, but these ones are subject only to the main race mode.

    It has four different battle modes to be played exclusively against humans, which are:

    • Football
    • Zombie Rage
    • Infinite City
    • Team Principal

    In Football mode, players are expected to battle in 4 vs 4, using the kart in a football field to score a goal with a giant ball. In Zombie Rage, players battle driving over hordes of zombies while also trying to avoid incoming items from the opposing team. Infinite City is a single player mode where the kart is only controlled from side to side, with the acceleration being automatic, having players avoid incoming projectiles and traffic. Finally the Team Principal mode, it's possible for 5 players to have 2 kart characters each, competing in a race while only dealing with item usage. The AI system takes care of driving, and it's skills are set by how much training you developed in the game's main hub.


    Items featured in the game serve as a helping hand in the races by either boosting the players abilities or trying to hinder adversaries.

    • Soap
      • This item will only affect the top 3 players of the race, making their cars slower and the road slippery.
    • The Vortex Burguer
      • After placed, creates a vortex around the item that sucks nearby players to it, making them unable to race for a single moment.
    • Trash-ion batteries
      • Serves as a momentary boost to players
    • HareBrittneys' fish oil
      • Special item that when placed, becomes a trap for other drivers that must try to avoid it in order not to lose momentary speed.
    • Magic Croc's Elixir
      • Makes the user temporarily bigger and faster, coming into contact with adversaries while big may squeeze them.
    • Laser Bolt Blaster
      • 5 shot laser blast that shoots either in front or behind the user, upon contact gives a small explosion that hinders speed. May ricochet some surfaces.
    • Rabbit Ogre's Mask Shock
      • Making use of the Rabbit Ogre's mask that shocks, the kart that uses this item will make nearby players slow down.
    • Silliconnors loving embrace
      • Two very hairy Silliconnors arms surrounds the kart, protecting it from other projectile items, and retrieving them to be used.
    • Mystical egg
      • An egg made from the Skinny Merlin's power, where he uses it to summon items from different realities. In the race it pursues the car ahead and upon contact, explodes taking it's target speed down and releasing 3 random items on the road.
      • Fun fact, the mystical egg was ordered as a weapon on the Hare-Normand war by the Normands themselves, but the result of the eggs bringing unexpected items from different universes made it, in the worlds of a Normand itself "An unexpected mess of unpredictability that hurts our Normand's rigid and bureaucratic way of life".
    • Normand Bureaucracy Ball
      • Fires a orb like cannon ball, big enough to take a portion of the race track for itself, and also wreak havoc whatever it touches.
    • Fake item orb
      • Similar in looks to the normal item orb that gives you items, this one explodes upon player contact.
    • Smokey smoke
      • Smoke item that releases behind the kart, to confuse incoming racers into not seeing what lies ahead.

    Space Station Hub

    The space station is a Hub for players to, when online, meet other players visually and explore around different levels, modes and manage it's kart.

    It also features varying NPCs, that may either give special quests and challenges or hint about the game's story and special events.

    It has 10 different main areas:

    • Main hangar, for players to check their unlocked vehicles and characters.
    • Cantina, where NPCs give out quests and challenges.
    • Trophy hangar, somewhere for the players to check out their achievements.
    • The dimensional portal room, a room with a giant portal that can teleport the player to different races, thus beginning the matchmaking against either humans or AIs.
    • The space observatory, a high place where it's possible to view the hub from above
    • A research lab, where players may unlock parts with time and research points.
    • A galactic market, with it's marketplace of hardware between the players.
    • An arena where the players can go to, to participate in battle like events.
    • The old archive has a collection of stories from the game to be unlocked and read.
    • Space Spa, a place where it's possible to rest the crew or drivers, and be able to play again fully fit in the "Team Principal" game mode.

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