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Class of Heroes Review

Class of Heroes is a PSP game that will take you and your party of six to a school for adventurers. You'll be able to create a party of 6, take classes, buy items, and explore dungeons. You will get to see several different types of player classes, races, and you'll have to work to make your party of six mesh so that you can bring back incredible treasures, left for you to discover.

Graphically this game is what we've grown to expect on the PSP for a RPG. It is a bit odd to see dwarves pictures as a dog-like race, but if you don't really take the race names to heart, you'll find that everything thing has that also cutesy look to it. There are a variety of enemies that you'll face and they do look good. The problem is that the backgrounds are going to be in 3D. If you're adventuring its a first person dungeon caller, and there are times where you can see that the area doesn't look all that good, but its when you go into battle and all of a sudden you have this really nice looking 2D enemy coming at you that the magic doesn't quite work.

Sound-wise we're talking about GENERIC. Sure everything is probably unique to the game, but at the end of the day if you were to hide the screen and play the music to someone who's played a ton of RPGs you'll find that the music they are hearing isn't that recognizable.

The controls are real simple, which works for me. you're going to be using the directional arrows to move around, and then your going to accept with the X, and back out with the O. Though that does bring up one issue with the game. There is no quick way to just get out of that section without backing all the way out.

The game is definitely unique and it is filled with some possibly fun adventure, but the problem arises when you're trying to play the game early on. You have alignment to worry about, and affinity towards one another. Sometimes when creating your party of 6, 3 on the front-line, and 3 on the back, you'll find that you'll be forced to have the back defend a lot because everyone has a dagger, and those aren't going to reach from the back. So the beginning of the game you're going to have to be patient. You're also going to have to take the classes, which is more of a sneaky little tutorial, but will help get your party ready for the exploration. The first time you battle a creature they might be silhouetted, which is all good, but I feel like the battle system is just a bit lazy. There's going to be traps, and chests, and several different places to explore that will unlock as the game progresses. It just doesn't happen fast enough.

This is an interesting game, and if you can get through the first couple of hours, because its going to take that long to read all the text revolving around your "classes" that you have to take, you'll find that this game is a pretty good time-sink. If you like dungeon-crawlers, in which the dungeon is never the same, you might like this game, but I think in the end you're going to be yearning for more. There's a game here, it just isn't nearly polished enough to be one of the greats. This game gets a 7.4 out of 10.

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