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A promotional image of Claus.
A promotional image of Claus.

Claus (Kurausu in Japanese) is a character in Mother 3. Claus is Lucas' (the game's main protagonist) brother. Claus only differs slightly in appearance from his brother, with different hair and clothing color. He is portrayed as a more energetic and brave character than Lucas, despite being the younger brother. Claus is an alternate costume of Lucas in Super Smash Bros. Brawl (as well as a sticker, which granst 13 in PK attacks for Ness and Lucas). Claus and Lucas are inspired by characters from the book The Notebook by Agota Kristof.

The Masked Man
The Masked Man

Claus grew up in Tazmily Village, with his mother and father (Hinawa and Flint), and his older brother Lucas. When Hinawa dies at the hands of Mecha Drago, Claus goes to challenge it by himself. Mecha Drago easily overpowers and kills Claus. However, Claus' body is never found (Flint keeps searching for several years after). Later in the game, the party is challenged by Masked Man, who is a mysterious character that can pull Needles (only a few characters can pull Needles).

The Masked Man's abilities include lightning, a beam sword, a gun, PSI Love, and mechanical wings. He is a creation of the Pig King, and the reanimation of Claus. Apparently, the Pigmask Army had discovered Claus' body and constructed him into the Masked Man in a process similar to the one used to create chimeras.

At the end of the game, just when Claus was looking at the final Needle, Lucas and his friends arrive. Claus defeats all of Lucas' friends via a thunder move, but Lucas survives because of the Franklin Badge, which reflects thunder moves. Claus then fights Lucas. Scared, Lucas cannot move until Claus strikes Flint down with PK LOVE, making Lucas' courage go to the limit. While they fight, they both can hear the spirit of their mother. She tries to end the battle and make Claus remember his former life. Eventually, Claus regains his memory, takes off his mask, and his mother tells him to kill himself.

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