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    The Boss of World 5 in Super Mario Bros 2. Clawgrip is a boulder-throwing mutated Sidestepper.

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    One of Wart's many minions, Clawgrip appears in a cave at the very end of level 5-3. While in the original Super Mario Bros. 2 he immediately appeared in his final form, when encountered in Super Mario Advance he first appears as a Sidestepper, much like the ones in the original Mario Bros. He is engulfed by a large bubble, much like the ones spat out by Wart and it is this that transforms him into the form he uses in his battle. 
    To one side of Clawgrip there is a large pile of boulders which he picks up and throws at the player to damage them. To defeat Clawgrip the player must jump on top of the bouncing boulders, pick them up and throw them back at Clawgrip. After his defeat an exit door to the cave appears which the player must pass through to finish the level.    


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