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Clay first meets the player upon entering Driftveil City. He says that, while the drawbridge leading to the city was being lowered to allow the player and Cheren entrance, members of Team Plasma escaped, and asks the player to locate them. After the Team Plasma members are captured once more, Clay invites the player to his Gym. Before entering, however, the player witnesses a confrontation between Clay and Ghetsis, one of the leaders of Team Plasma.

Driftveil Gym

Clay's gym is built underground. His subordinate trainers are fought on a series of elevators and girders that eventually lead to a platform that descends to the bottom of the mineshaft, where Clay waits. Clay's team includes a Level 28 Krokorok, a Level 28 Palpitoad, and a Level 31 Excadrill. After the player's victory, he awards the Quake Badge and P$3720, and asks the player to go to the cave at the end of Route 6. There, he clears out a Galvantula web blocking the entrance to Chargestone Cave. Finally, he gives the player TM78, which contains Bulldoze, a move that, in addition to doing damage, also lowers the target's speed.

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