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    ClayFighter 2: Judgment Clay

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released January 1995

    Interplay's claymation fighting game returns with a brand new gameplay engine and a new cast of fighters.

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    ClayFighter 2: Judgment Clay (also known as C-2: Judgment Clay) is a 2D fighting game developed and published by Interplay for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System on January 1995.

    The second installment of the ClayFighter series (and the sequel to the original ClayFighter), the game features a new fighting engine (sacrificing large character graphics for faster gameplay) and a revamp of the original game's roster (including boxing kangaroo Kangoo, huge baby Googoo, action hero rabbit Hoppy, laidback banana Nana Man, and partying octopus Octohead).


    The game's roster includes eight playable characters, each with two variations (one of which is the unlockable "evil twin" palette swap that serve as the game's final bosses, having different attacks and animations).

    New Characters

    Returning Characters


    BlobWhen Blob became grand master of Mudville he decided to reshape the world using a process known as "Earth Sitting". He estimated the world would be flat within just a few days, unfortunately so would most of the population.
    Bad Mr. FrostyAs grand master of Mudville, Bad Mr. Frosty became head gift wrapper for the firm of S. Clause and Co. Mudville division. Unfortunately his gifts usually required a minimum of fifteen days to thaw out.
    TinyAfter becoming Mudville grand champion Tiny retired from the fighting world to pursue a career in the exciting world of fast food. At Muddonalds, he quickly introduced a new mouth watering sensation called Buff Burgers which are 100 inch burgers that instantly build up the biceps of the eater.
    Nana ManWhen Nana Man became the grand champion of Mudville he turned the land into a year round tropical resort. As part of the package, he provides all guests with free dancing lessons and complementary designer hats from his new line of refrigeratable fashions.
    OctoheadWhen Octohead became grand champion of Mudville he turned the land into the beach party capitol of the world. Of course, he first had to build a beach. To kick things off he invited 24 locals to a private bash aboard his surf board.
    GoogooAs the new grand master of Mudville, Googoo provided public nap centers for all Mudvillians. The now well rested public were much friendlier. Mudville quickly became a much happier place, but it also quickly became a noisier place due to the sharp rise is public snoring.
    HoppyAfter Hoppy became the grand master of Mudville, he immediately declared motorcycles the official vehicle of the land. This meant that anybody could tear up the road aboard a thundering chopper, even children, as long as they used training wheels.
    KangooAfter becoming grand master of Mudville, Kangoo donated her championship belt to the local museum. She also donated her opponent, who probably wouldn't be waking up for a while.

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