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    Clear Save

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    Allows the player to continue playing - even though they have finished the game. This allows the completion of unfinished side-quests or the results of the player's victory in the world to be seen.

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    A clear save is a special save file created upon the completion of a game. While in some cases it can be seen as similar to a New Game Plus, a clear save does not necessarily allow the player to restart the game from the beginning with their endgame experience and equipment; rather, it gives access to game content that is only granted upon completing the game's story, or allows the player to freely roam the game world to complete quests left unfinished at the game's end.

    Examples of Clear Save Use

    Valkyrie Profile

    Upon completion of Valkyrie Profile, the player is granted access to a bonus dungeon known as the Seraphic Gate. This dungeon contains the most difficult enemies in the game, but also gives the player the opportunity to recruit three NPCs that were only temporarily party members during the story. At the end of the dungeon, the player must face the Ethereal Queen, a traditional bonus boss seen in numerous tri-Ace-developed titles.

    Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

    In some ways, the clear save file for Metal Gear Solid 4 acts as a New Game Plus. The player can start a new game with the equipment and money they had at the end of the previous play-through, as well as access certain bonuses that weren't available originally. However, if the player has the Metal Gear Solid 4 Database, the file can also be used to unlock the database's full contents so that MGS4-specific information is no longer censored.

    Grand Theft Auto III

    Upon completion of the story in Grand Theft Auto III, the player is allowed to jump back into Liberty City and continue play with free reign. The player is also granted access to a tank for the taking at Phil Cassidy's place to wreak more havoc.


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