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    Clementine is a character from Telltale's Walking Dead game. Clementine's parents left her with a babysitter while they went to Savannah. After the outbreak, she was found by Lee, who decided to take care of her.

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    Even though she's just a child, Clementine is a very smart, resourceful person.
    Even though she's just a child, Clementine is a very smart, resourceful person.

    Clementine is one of the main protagonists of Telltale’s The Walking Dead and the primary protagonist and playable character in The Walking Dead Season Two.

    For being so young (eight at the beginning of season one and eleven in season two), Clementine is a smart and mature girl with a good understanding of her situation, a sharp contrast to other children like Duck. During Season One she is Lee's (and the player’s) moral compass, often reacting to Lee’s choices and tries to keep the group’s humanity alive.

    In Season Two, Clementine is hardened with a more bleak and realistic outlook on her situation. Because the player has direct control over her, they get to choose how the events of Season One affected her, making her a more cold and aggressive person, or one that still tries to maintain hope.

    Spoiler Warning: The Walking Dead is a very story driven game. It is recommended you play the game before reading forward as there will be heavy spoilers. You have been warned.

    Season One

    Episode 1: A New Day

    Clementine, upset about her walkie talkie.
    Clementine, upset about her walkie talkie.

    Clementine was an 8 year old girl living in a suburban town in Georgia before the outbreak. Her parents, Ed and Diana, went on a trip to Savanna and left Clementine with a babysitter. Once the outbreak happened, Clementine took shelter in her treehouse. A few days later, Lee Everett showed up to her house looking for help. She communicated with Lee through a walkie talkie and helped him kill her former babysitter turned zombie. Clementine is worried about her parents and is wait for them to come back, but Lee, having heard the voice messages on their answering machine, is almost positive they are dead.

    Realizing it was no longer safe, Lee and Clementine left her house and got a ride over to Hershel’s farm. There, the two meet Kenny and his family. After witnessing the death of Hershel’s son, the group leaves for Lee’s hometown Macon. They take shelter in the drug store owned by Lee’s parents that is housing another group of survivor. During a heated argument, Clementine goes to use the bathroom where she gets attacked by a walker, and is saved by either Lee or Carley. While in the drugstore, Lee and Clementine get to know each other better, and Clem learns from Carely that Lee is a convicted murderer. After everything goes south in the drugstore, they make their escape, but not before Lee saved Clementine from a walker a second time. After they regroup at the motel, Clementine is upset that her walkie-talkie broke which she used to “talk” to her parents. Lee comforts her and she promises to stay strong.

    Episode 2: Starved For Help

    Clem stands on her morals with the group.
    Clem stands on her morals with the group.

    Three months have past since the end of episode one. The group has stayed at the motor inn, and are starting to run dangerously low on food. Clementine mentions to Lee that she lost the hat her dad gave to her, and would like him to find it. She is also still holding onto the broken walkie-talkie as she likes to have make-believe conversations with her parents in order to feel better. Clementine will join the rest of the group at the St. John dairy, playing with the swing and later hanging around a pregnant cow. Lee, having found Clem’s hat at the camp of Jolene, returns it to her, to which she will be overjoyed.

    Once Lee discovers the St. John’s are cannibals and the meat they are eating for dinner belongs to their friend Mark, he can prevent Clementine from eating it if he’s fast enough. Clementine is one of the members thrown into the meat locker, and has a momentary breakdown upon witnessing the murder of Larry at the hands of Kenny (and possibly Lee). Clementine helps them escape by crawling through the air vent and unlocking the door from the other side. Clementine will also have a strong reaction if Lee murders any of the St. John brothers. On the way back to the Motor Inn, the group will come across an abandoned car, filled with food and supplies. Clementine stands her ground against taking the supplies, saying that its stealing and worried that the owners will return. If Lee stands by Clem, the two of them will not partake in the looting of the car. If Lee loots the car, he will give Clem a hoodie, despite her disdain. Either way, she will accept some batteries given to her by Doug/Carley for her walkie-talkie.

    Episode 3: Long Road Ahead

    Lee teaches Clementine how to shoot a gun.
    Lee teaches Clementine how to shoot a gun.

    At the beginning, Clementine is seen doing leaf rubbings on paper. When Lee is investigating the broken flashlight, Clementine mentions that Duck is always accusing her of things (such as putting bugs on his pillow, which she reveals she did). Lee also finds pink chalk, which it turns out Clementine has been missing. When the bandits show up, Clementine is one of the people held hostage. They are saved by Lilly and Lee and make their escape in the RV.

    The group stops on the side of the road after hitting a walker, where Lilly starts arguing about the traitor in the group. Clementine is watching from the doorway as the argument heats up, resulting the in death of Carley/Doug at the hands of Lilly, who is either left behind or taken with them. Back on the RV, Lee is told about Duck being bitten. He in turn tells Clem, who says she doesn't feel good before falling asleep on Lee’s lap. Lee then has a nightmare where a zombie Clementine tries to eat him. The group gets blocked by a train and has to get out. While Lee and Kenny fix the train, Clem and the rest of the group run into Chuck, a hobo, who gives them all candy. Clementine is immediately fond of Chuck.

    When Lee and Kenny go out to the woods to deal with Duck, Chuck gives Clementine advice, saying she would soon end up the same way as Duck. When Clementine tells Lee about this, he angrily goes to confront Chuck. Chuck expands on his statement, saying that he simply was expressing that if they don’t make changes to their dynamic, things will keep going bad for them. Lee ends up agreeing and he goes back to Clementine to help her out. He teaches her how to shoot a gun, gives her a haircut so walkers can’t grab it, and uses a map so that the two of them have a plan of their own once they reach Savannah. The group is forced to stop the train again due to a gas tanker. Here they meet Omid and Christa, the later of which Clementine takes a liking too.

    When Lee has to go check out the train depot, Clementine wishes to join him, as they are a team now. The two of them find what they need but not before being attacked by walkers, which Lee ends up killing in a rather close call. The episode ends with them back on the train, with Clementine asleep on a chair. Lee finds her drawing in her backpack, which will be different depending on Lee’s choices. Clementine’s thought to be broken walkie-talkie then turns on, and a man starts talking, saying he has her parents and that she should come find him, with or without Lee.

    Episode 4: Around Every Corner

    Clementine uses her small size to the group's advantage.
    Clementine uses her small size to the group's advantage.

    The group has arrived in Savannah and is now on foot. Clementine asks Lee for her walkie-talkie back, which Lee has now taken from her because of the man on the other end. Suddenly a church bell goes off and walkers begin to show up. Clementine and Ben get pinned against a wall, and rather than protect her, Ben abandons Clem, terrifying her. She is then saved by Lee and Chuck, the later of who gets separated from them. They make their way to the backyard of a mansion and try to make their way inside. After Lee unlocks the doggie-door, Clementine quickly crawls through and unlocks the door, to which she will be praised or chastised by Lee.

    Later Lee and Kenny go out to the docks to find a boat, and Clementine is left with Ben and the others at the house. At some point Christa asks Ben for help and Clementine uses the opportunity to sneak out of the house and go look for Lee and Kenny. Clementine shows up just in time during a fight between Lee and Molly. Molly realizes they aren't from Crawford since they don’t allow children. They are then attacked by walkers, and Molly, Kenny, and Clementine escape, while Lee has to flee in the sewers. Once Lee makes it back to the house with Vernon, Clementine is nowhere to be found in the house. He eventually finds her in the shed in the backyard, which she got in through the vent. Inside Clem shows Lee the boat she found.

    In order to make the boat work the group must visit Crawford to find the missing parts. Clementine asks if she can come along. Lee can chose to take her with them or leave her behind with Omid. If Lee leaves her Clementine will be upset. She asks Lee what to do if something happens while they’re gone. Lee can either tell her to hide or give her a gun. Once the group comes back they find out Clem either trapped a walker that got in or shot it. If Lee lets Clementine come she will be with Ben in the classroom while the rest split up to look for supplies. After the supplies are grabbed the walkers show up and everyone tries to make their escape. Depending on what Lee does, Clementine might save Molly by shooting a walker in the head. During the group’s decision on whether to leave Ben behind or not, Clementine says that Ben is her friend, and they don’t leave friends behind. If Lee lets Ben fall to his death, Clementine is be upset with him.

    After they make it back to the house, Clementine asks Lee if they can go look for her parents. Regardless of Lee’s answer, Clementine will start crying. Lee gives her back the walkie-talkie and then falls asleep. While Lee’s asleep Clementine sneaks out of the house with the walkie-talkie. The next morning Lee finds Clementine’s hat in the yard and the walkie-talkie on the sidewalk. When Lee (and possibly others) go to Vernon’s group’s place to look for her, she is not there. Her voice suddenly comes on the talkie, scared and afraid, then the mystery man comes on and tells Lee she’s with him.

    Episode 5: No Time Left

    Clementine... all on her own.
    Clementine... all on her own.

    Clementine is absent for most of the episode, as Lee is spending the whole time trying to find her. When Lee shows up to the Marsh House, Clementine is locked in a room calling out for help. The stranger holds up Lee at gun point and the two of them sit down and have a conversation. Turns out Clementine has been telling the stranger everything that has been happening over the course of the season. It is also revealed that Clementine’s birthday was six days ago and she is now 9 years old (something she never told Lee).

    As the stranger begins talking to his wife’s severed head he keeps in a bag, Clementine escapes from room and, with Lee’s help, hits the stranger on the back of the head with an object. A fight then breaks out between Lee and the stranger, resulting in the stranger’s death at the hands of Lee, or by being shot in the head by Clementine. The two have a tearful reunion and just as they are about to leave a walker shows up on the other side of the door. Realizing it didn't attack Lee due to “muck” on him, Lee comes up with a plan, and covers Clementine’s clothes in the walker’s guts, much to her displeasure. They make their way through the horde outside until Clementine stops in horror, seeing her dead parents roaming the street. Before Lee has a chance to calm her, he passes out.

    Clementine manages to drag Lee in a store away from the walkers. Lee, now about to die from the bite he got, tells Clementine. Lee has Clementine take the keys and gun from a security guard turned walker. After a close encounter with the walker, Lee gives Clementine one last bit of advice and then has a tearful goodbye with her. The final moment ends with Clementine ether shooting Lee to stop him from turning or leaving him behind. In a post credit scene, a now alone Clementine is seen walking through a field outside the city. She stops and sits on a log, crying. Looking up, she sees two unknown figures walking in the distance. The two stop and turn to Clementine, who has a look of panic on her face.

    Season Two

    Episode 1: All That Remains

    Clementine's outlook on the world has hardened in the two years since season one.
    Clementine's outlook on the world has hardened in the two years since season one.

    The episode opens several months after the end of season one, with Clementine traveling with Omid and a pregnant Christa. They stop at a gas station where Clementine uses the bathroom to clean herself up. While inside, an unknown person enters and Clem hides in a stall, leaving her gun on the counter. The person, a teenager named Michelle, takes Clem’s gun and threatens her with it. Omid shows up to help Clementine but is accidentally shot by Michelle. Christa then enters, shoots Michelle, and cries over Omid’s dead body.

    It then cuts to sixteen months later, where a now 11 year old Clementine and Christa are camping out in the woods. While Clementine is making a fire, she hears a noise and sees Christa being held at gunpoint by a group of men. Clementine can choose to distract them from Christa (or not), either choice resulting in her being noticed and chased. In Clementine’s attempt to escape both the bandits and some nearby walkers, she ends up falling in the river and carried downstream before passing out.

    The next morning Clementine wakes up on the river bank all alone. During her trek through the woods she finds a dog named Sam, and the two of them come across an abandoned campsite. Clementine, hungry, finds a can of food. Sam, also hungry, attacks Clementine for the food, biting into her arm. Clem manages to throw sam off her, piercing him on a piece of metal. After deciding to kill the dog or not, she keeps on moving through the woods.

    Clementine, badly hurt by the dog bite and exhausted from lack of food, nearly passes out until several walkers show up. She is saved at the last minute by Pete and Luke, who pick her up and carry her away. After seeing her bite, they think she has been bitten by a walker, even though Clem insists its just a dog bite. They take her to their group where they argue what to do with her. Regardless of what Clementine pleds, and after almost being shot by Nick, she is locked in the shed. They say if she is telling the truth then she is still be alive in the morning and they will fix her wound then.

    Her wound getting worse, she decides to break out of the shed and sneak into the house to find medicine and supplies. While in the house, Clementine overhears Rebecca worried about who her baby belongs to. She also meets Sasha, a sheltered girl, that wants to be friends with her. After stealing the supplies, Clementine makes her way back to the shed, where she performs a rather painful suture on her bite. Once she’s finished a walker shows up and attacks her. Clementine kills it just as everyone in the house shows up from the commotion. Finally realizing she isn’t bitten, they let her go inside. Clementine is given food by Luke and the two of them talk and get to know each other better. After Luke leaves, Rebecca shows up and expresses her dislike for Clementine. Clem can choose to respond by blackmailing her about her baby.

    The next day, Clementine goes out hunting with Pete and Nick. At the river, they find a bunch of dead bodies in what looks like a struggle. As they investigate, Clementine finds her backpack next to a person that's still alive. What’s more, he is one of the people that attacked her and Christa. Clementine can choose to give him water or not, but before anything else can be said, a horde of walkers come out of the woods and attack them. Being on opposite sides of the river, Clementine is forced to choose whether to help Nick or Pete. If she helps Nick, Pete is overwhelmed and eaten. If she helps Pete, Nick will manage to escape on his own and flees into the woods. The episode ends with Clementine and her partner running away.

    Episode 2: A House Divided

    Clem and her new group leave their cabin and head north.
    Clem and her new group leave their cabin and head north.

    The episode will start with Clementine hiding in either a shed with Nick or a truck with Pete depending on her choice at the end of “All That Remains”. After spending the night, walkers will show up and Clementine will end up separated. She makes her way back the cabin where Carlos and Rebecca are waiting for her. They leave in search of Luke and Alvin, who in turn were looking for Clementine. Clementine is left at the cabin with Sarah.

    Before too long a man shows up to the cabin and lets himself in. He is looking for the other members of the group, clearly having a history with them. Clementine lies to him but even so the man see’s though her words. Not finding what he’s looking for, the man leaves. Soon everyone else comes back and Clementine and Sarah tell them about the man. Clem is told he’s name is Carver, and he is looking for them. They all decide the cabin is no longer safe and leave north. On the way they find either Pete dead or Nick alive, again, depending on that earlier choice.

    Five days later the group has come across a bridge. Nick and Clementine go ahead as scouts to make sure its safe. After fighting off some walkers they make it to the other side before being held up by a man with a rifle. Realizing they are friendly, the man lowers his gun and offers them food. Before anything can happen, Nick shows up, and thinking the man is trying to kill them, shoots him. The man falls off the bridge and dies.

    Clementine checks the small lodge and finds food and a hunting knife and then they all walk up the mountain to a ski lodge. Once at the lodge, Clem checks to see if they are still being followed. She sees a couple lights but before she can say anything, people come out of the lodge and start harassing the group, thinking they are bandits. Clementine recognizes one of the voice and finds Kenny, who is still alive.

    After catching up with Kenny and meeting his new girlfriend Sarita and friend Walter, they all have dinner together, enjoying a moment of peace. It doesn’t last as tensions rise between Luke and Kenny. After cooling off, Luke and Clementine realize the man Nick shot on the bridge was Walter’s partner, Matthew. Clem goes to hid the hunting knife she took, which belonged to Matthew, but Walter has already found it. Walter asks what happened and if Nick is a good man or not. Before anything can happen, the noise of the windmill begins to attract walkers. Clem shuts down the windmill but its too late. A fight ensues and depending on what Clementine said to Walter, Nick can either be saved by him and left to be eaten.

    Just as they are out numbered, they are saved by men with assault rifles. These men turn out to be lead by Carver, who has finally caught up to them. They are all brought back inside and Clementine can either turn herself in or escape outside to find Kenny. No matter what, Walter is executed by Carver and depending on Clementine’s actions, Alvin could die as well. The episode ends with Carver rounding them all up and taking them away.

    Episode 3: In Harm's Way

    Clementine arrives with her group at Carver's camp and is forced to work there. She then works with the others to escape. On the way out when trying to move past the walkers, Carlos is shot accidentally by one Carver's men and then eaten by walkers. Sarah screams and then attracts more Walkers one of which bites Sarita. Clementine can either cut her arm off, or kill the walker.

    Episode 4: Amid The Ruins

    Episode 5: No Going Back


    • Clementine is voiced by Melissa Hutchison.
    • Clementine is age 8 at the beginning of Season One and 9 by the end. In Season Two she is 11 years old.
    • In Episode 2 of Season One, 96% of players chose to feed Clementine when rationing the food, which is most out of any other members of the group.
    • Clementine is one of three characters to appear in all of Season One, and the only character to appear in every episode.

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