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    Clint Hocking

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    Former Creative Director at LucasArts and Ubisoft Montreal.

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    Clint Hocking applied to work at Ubisoft Montreal "on a lark" after a friend sent him a link to a job listing asking after people with experience using the Unreal Level Editor. Though Hocking had no prior experience in the industry six weeks later he was living in Montreal off the back of extensive "fiddling" with the level editor, both with editing existing maps, as well as creating originals for Unreal mods.

    He performed several roles during his years at Ubisoft Montreal, working first as a level and then as a game designer. He gained notable internet fame for his work on Far Cry 2 because of several demos and interviews he gave during the first several months of its showing.

    On May 3rd 2010, Clint announced via his blog that he had handed in his resignation at Ubisoft on Monday, April 26th. He then joined LucasArts to serve as a creative director. On June 29th 2012 he once again took to his blog to formally announce his exit from LucasArts.

    On July 12 2012, Clint posted a picture on his twitter feed that showed his son hugging the valve at Valve's office with the word "Arrival" attached to the message, suggesting he left LucasArts for Valve which was later confirmed.

    Hocking left Valve in December 2013 without having released a game and joined Amazon Game Studios in early 2014 and left in the summer of 2015 also without having released a game. In August 2015, Hocking announced that he returned to Ubisoft but this time the studio in Toronto, to reunite with some former colleagues.

    Clint Hocking also has a monthly column in EDGE Magazine as of their August 2010 issue.


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