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Nightbreed is an action/platformer game based on the book & movie of the same name. The players take control of Boon helping him to rescue Midian, fight different types of enemies - human and creature alike - and avoid numerous traps such as bombs or falling rocks.


 At the Gates of Midian.
At the Gates of Midian.

Throughout the history man was always attacked and destroyed things he does not understand, consumed by fear and envy of abilities he can never have. From a race older than man came the Nightbreed immortals, shape-changers, powers beyond belief after centuries of persecution the race was almost wiped out and so Baphomet, their god summoned the survivors to Midian - an underground necropolis (city of the dead). Through the centuries Midian faded into legend spoken of by the mad and condemned. A place where all sins are forgiven. Foretold in the history of Midian comes a man bringing death and destruction to the Nightbreed but will ultimately save them.

 The Mask.
The Mask.

You are Boone, destined to become Cabal survivor of the Nightbreed. By coming to Midian you have unleashed man in the form of the 'sons of the free', an armed neo-nazi organisation led by Eigerman, the chief police. Their aim is the total destruction of the Nightbreed. You have come to Midian to seek forgiveness for a series of murders that your doctor has convinced you of being responsible for. Doctor Decker in fact is the multiple murderer and in the form of his alter-ego The Mask has come to Midian to kill you and your girlfriend Lori, the only witnesses. The Nightbreed have a darker side in the form of berserkers, wild creatures who will destroy anything even other Nightbreed. For this reason they're locked in the bowels of Midian. You, Boone, stand at the gates of the necropolis. Your task is to find a way into Midian and save the Nightbreed avoiding the 'sons of the free' and any traps they may have set! Under the onslaught of the 'sons of the free' the very structure of Midian is collapsing so time is of the essence! Due to this collapse some berserkers have been released. Now, Boone play out your destiny!

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