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    Clockwerk is the primary villain in the Sly Cooper franchise. He is a large owl, who has had his entire body replaced with superior robotic parts.

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    Clockwerk was active in hunting the Coopers since around 1300 B.C., placing his lifespan as around 3300 B.C. at least, since Clockwerk was in the portrait of Slythankamen Cooper. In his early life the cooper clan stole a valuable remembrance that made him remember his parents who were executed by the state in a result he rivaled and hunted down throughout the ages. After Sly's birth, Clockwerk founded the Fiendish Five and lead them in an attack on Connor Cooper and his family. Responsible for the murder of Sly's father and theft of the Thievius Raccoonus, which contained all the family's thieving secrets, Clockwerk and the rest of the Fiendish Five returned to their own personal endeavors with their own pages of the Cooper's legacy.


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