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Quirky platform puzzler.

Cloning Clyde is a 2d puzzle platformer. Many of you (including myself) might switch off at this point as dismiss it as yet another shallow copy of Mario. But wait dear reader!! All is not as it appears to be.

Cloning Clyde is crammed with thoughtful little touches which raise it above mediocre and into quirky and fun.

As the name suggests, you can clone Clyde in order to solve a number of increasingly difficult puzzles (kind of like lemmings where it takes a team effort to escape the level). You can also 'mutate' clyde with a number of other objects to give him special abilities. Chicken Clyde, for example, is able to fly with repeated taps of the jump button and can peck his enemies to death.

The game is filled with the same sort of quirky humour through out and makes a nice departure from the normal cutesy adventures associated with 2d platformers.

As an Xbox Live game, I can highly reccomend this to just about everyone. It's the perfect way to kill 10-15 minutes as you can nip in, complete a level, log out and then pickup from where you left off later on.

This is exactly the sort of content Xbox Live Arcade can thrive on, and what sets the Xbox 360 apart from the competition.

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