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    Cloud Cuckooland

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    Undeniably dream-like and surreal, Banjo-Tooie's eighth level, Cloud Cuckooland, is a floating world full of odd and creative structures to explore.

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    Cloud Cuckooland is the eighth and final main world in the Nintendo 64 platformer, Banjo-Tooie. Its entrance is located through a cave in the Wasteland region of the Isle O' Hags hub world.

    Easily the most surreal of the Banjo-Tooie levels, Cloud Cuckooland is composed of a giant mountain surrounded by floating objects like a Jelly Castle, Cheese Wedge, Pot O' Gold, among others including two Mumbo skulls. The only learnable skill is Banjo's Sack Pack, a move used to traverse hazardous fields like toxic waste or thorn bushes. The main method of exploration comes courtesy of Flight Pads, along with obscure creatures called Floatus Floatium, allow Banjo to travel to different floating platforms without Kazooie's assistance.

    Within the main mountain, there lies a plethora of hidden tunnels to the outside, along with odd paper-thin enemies who appear (with a cash register "ca-ching" sound effect) holding weapons like candy canes and flowers. A main Split-Up pad marks the center of the interior of the mountain. Nearby is the Superstash safe, who after activating the four switches scattered throughout the level, will reveal his hidden treasure.

    The main power of Mumbo Jumbo in Cloud Cuckooland is Rain Dance, which allows Mumbo to create rainbows for Banjo and Kazooie to traverse across. The main transformation by Humba Wumba is the Bee, a quiet homage to Banjo-Kazooie's Click Clock Wood's Mumbo transformation. This time, however, the Bee has the power to fire stingers at enemies for defense, along with the traditional flying.

    Returning from Glitter Gulch Mine is Canary Mary, who desires another race, this time on a mechanical mouse. Defeating her in her significantly more challenging races offers rewards. Also, there is the fitness guru, Mr. Fit, who challenges Banjo and Kazooie in his three-challenge olympics: High Jump, Sack Race, and Foot Race.

    Atop the mountain is the newly formed Zubba beehive, which offers the transformed Banjo a minigame where you must attack different Zubba bees to earn a Jiggy.

    The main boss is Mingy Jongo, a Terminator-esque doppleganger of Mumbo Jumbo, who instead of offering magical assistance, awakens from sleep to fight Banjo-Kazooie. Mumbo Jumbo and Mingy Jongo appear in one of the two Mumbo skulls throughout Cloud Cuckooland each. Mumbo appears in one, Mingy appears in the other. There's no specific pattern as to which one appears in which; it's randomly determined.


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