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Clown Man is one of the robot masters in Mega Man 8. His weapon of choice is the Thunder Claw, and his weakness is the Tornado Hold. He's also known as Crown Man in Japan mainly because the "L" is not present in the Japanese language.


Clown Man was a prop for a children's TV show that eventually became cancel. Soon he was stolen by Dr. Wily, and remodel Clown Man the way he is now. Clown Man was redesign to contribute to Dr. Wily's evil plain - he was sent to Australia to take over an amusement park.

Clown Man can extent his arm at a long distance, he's also very acrobatic - he can grab on to a metal pole and spin 360 degrees. His weapon of choice is the Thunder Claw - he'll have his arms dig under the ground and have them rise up where his enemy is located.

Clown Man's weakness is the Tornado Hold - a weapon from Tengu Man. The Tornado Hold is a spiraling tornado, and when Clown Man gets caught, his long arms will get tangled up.


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