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Club Drive is a driving simulator for the Atari Jaguar console and was released in late 1994.

It was developed and published by Atari themselves.


Set in the future, Scientists have created indestructible cars and have built a theme park called Club Drive to use them in. Patrons to the Club Drive theme park can drive these vehicles around imaginative environments.


The game features several racing areas including an old western ghost town, part of modern day San Francisco and a large mansion. In addition to the open world racing game, other modes include, object mode which involves collecting item’s within a time limit and a 2-player tag mode. These additional modes are played out on smaller versions of the areas within the main game.


The game received awful reviews on its release and was a dismal failure for Atari. It is often featured in many worst games of all time lists. Problems cited with the game included poor graphics, considering it was on a 64 bit platform and incredibly irritating music. Game pro’s February 1995 issue gave it 3 out of 5, but most publications scored it much lower.


  • The game was made by the same team that created Alien Vs. Predator, which was one of the highest rated Atari Jaguar games ever released for the platform.

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