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    Club Nintendo

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    A service allowing consumers to obtain limited edition items with points accumulated through purchase of Nintendo products. Several titles have been released exclusively for this purpose. The program was discontinued in September 2015.

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    Club Nintendo Exclusive Games

    One of the most interesting aspects of Club Nintendo is the ability to obtain games that aren't available at retail. These games can only be purchased via Club Nintendo are usually available in limited quantities and thus make excellent collector's items.


    Game & Watch Collection


    Game & Watch Collection 2

    JP, US, AU

    Excite Mou Machine


    Zekkyo Senshi Sakebrain


    Special Rewards Promotions

    Monster Hunter Tri Figurine

    No Caption Provided

    Nintendo of Europe had a special promotion which rewarded you for buying and registering any edition of Monster Hunter Tri with a free Rathalos-head figurine. Other figurines were available in the various bundles the game launched in and also via Capcom's own online store.

    Ocarina of Time 3D Soundtrack CD

    CD Promo Art
    CD Promo Art

    Registering The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D before a certain date after launch made users of Club Nintendo eligible to receive a special soundtrack CD free of charge. This promotion was active until the end of June, 2011 and was available worldwide.

    RPG-Trilogy Gold Coin Collection

    RPG Trilogy Coins
    RPG Trilogy Coins

    In Europe, purchasing and registering Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and Pandora's Tower gets Club Nintendo members the opportunity to receive a limited set of gold coins embossed with the game's title art for free as a thank you. This promotion was active around Pandora's Tower's launch window which was the last game released out of the three. It was only available in PAL territories. The coins started shipping out to Club Nintendo members during the last week of September 2012.


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