PSA: Club Nintendo Status Deadline is June 30th

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#1 Posted by Marino (6249 posts) -
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For anyone who is a member of Club Nintendo, you have about 48 hours to register enough stuff to hit gold or (preferably) platinum status in order to qualify for this year's yet to be determined rewards.  So, if you've been lazy and have some Nintendo brand games laying around that you haven't entered yet, you better get moving.  You get 50 points for Wii games and 30 for DS games.  You can also get some extra points by completing a "post-play" quiz after you register the game.  You also get a boat-load of points for registering a Wii or any type of DS. 
You'll need 300 points for gold or 600 points for platinum.  On July 1, your status will be reset.  You won't lose any points you built towards 'buying' prizes, but you will have to re-earn your gold/platinum status for next years special prizes.   
Anyone have any guesses on what the prizes will be this year?    
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#2 Edited by Video_Game_King (36564 posts) -

Damn it! I only need 10 points until I hit 800! Stupid "intend to buy" thing doesn't give me any coins :(. I just hope the prize is a Mario hat, or something equally cool. Also, where's Willy105?

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#3 Posted by Make_Me_Mad (3227 posts) -

Registering all of my stuff and taking the surveys left me 20 points shy of a gold account, so I just used the coins to order some school folders and stuff for my niece instead.  In hindsight I probably shouldn't have gotten her the Bowser set...

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#4 Posted by Marino (6249 posts) -
@Make_Me_Mad: Spending points on rewards doesn't deplete your cumulative points towards gold/platinum status.
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#5 Posted by Tireyo (6713 posts) -

I think that the Super Mario Galaxy 2 Soundtrack will be the Platinum prize this year.

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#6 Posted by Marino (6249 posts) -

Today's the last day!

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#7 Edited by Synthballs (2222 posts) -

I'm sorry, I find it a little bit of bullshit that something like this isn't put under the "Nintendo" forum but when someone posted something on Mario Marathon 3 it got moved to the "Super Mario" forum. Apparently a charity event means a lot less then some free shit.

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@Synthballs:  Weird, I thought I had attached it to the Club Nintendo page.
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#9 Posted by VWGTI (1946 posts) -

Phew, I made it. Two years in a row now I've hit platinum status. I hope the rewards this year are as awesome as they were last year.

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#10 Posted by Marino (6249 posts) -

The kinda sad thing is that I have a bunch of post-play quizzes and five or six games I haven't registered yet because I want them to count towards next year since I've already hit platinum.

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#11 Posted by Emilio (3581 posts) -

I really wanted that Doc Louis's Punch Out, but I didn't reach Platinum. Got a nifty calendar, but c'mon, its a friggin' calendar. 
There better be some cool stuff tomorrow, or I'm not even going to bother hitting Platinum again.

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#12 Posted by Marino (6249 posts) -
@Emilio: I'm not sure if they'll announce what it is tomorrow.  I think last year it took a few weeks before they sent emails out.
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#13 Posted by OllyOxenFree (5015 posts) -

My guess is a Luigi hat to compliment last year's Mario hat.

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#14 Posted by jkz (4181 posts) -

Good, I'm still at gold.

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