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The CNV Sovereign was a Raven's Nest class ship, outfitted for human habitation in the case of evacuation. After entering coastal waters the ship came under attack from Lambent creatures and COG soldiers began their attempt to repel them. At this time Chairman of the Coalition of Ordered Governments, Richard Prescott landed on the ship. As fires broke out throughout the ship, a distress call was put out for nearby Raven helicopters to aid them in the fight and at this point Sovereign was attacked by a Lambent Leviathan. The crew on board the ship fought back the Leviathan and as they passed below Hanover's Centennial Bridge COG soldiers dropped a crate of Tickers onto the head of the Leviathan, killing it and destroying the ship. The large majority of the people on the Sovereign died, with a small handful washing up on shore nearby.

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