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The benevolent god Geo had been expelled from his kingdom by his son Zaron, the god of lightning. He took refuge in the Abyss, and went to sleep. He created a magic kettle to watch over him while he slept, and appointed a fairy named Fairy to maintain the kettle. To assist Fairy, he also created four little devils. One of these devils was called Cocoto.

After preventing the overflow of the kettle in Cocoto Platform Jumper, Cocoto has decided to wake Geo. In order to do this, he'll need to obtain pieces of Geo's bait from five 1000 year old fish.


Cocoto - The hero of this story. He must obtain the five pieces of the statuette from Geo's bait in order to wake the sleeping god.
Fairy - Cocoto's helpful companion. She has no real purpose other than providing a bit of tutorial help at the beginning of the game.
Baggy - He runs a shop that buys fish. The bigger the fish, the more he'll pay.
Neuro - Neuro sells the bait that Cocoto needs to catch fish.
Hermit Turtle - The hermit turtle can make a special kind of bait if he has one of every type of fish.


Critical Reception

Cocoto Fishing Master received mediocre reviews from critics. IGN's Lucas Thomas criticized the gameplay for being repetitive, and lack of variety. GameSpot's Austin Light and Eurogamer's Dan Whitehead both took issue with Cocoto's slow movement.

The controls in the WiiWare version have received heavy criticism for its unforgiving nature when attempting to set the hook. Austin Light and Dan Whitehead also found reeling in the fish difficult, as the game requires very precise movements. Lucas Thomas found the controls in the PlayStation 2 version did not suffer the same problems as the WiiWare version, and feels that the game is worth a look for those looking for a budget fishing game.

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